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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Solar and Heliospheric Physics


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 SH24A CC 716B Neutral Atoms in the Heliosphere I

Presiding: J Heerikhuisen, University of Alabama in Huntsville; E Moebius, University of New Hampshire
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1630 SH24A-01 CC 716B Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Imaging of the Heliosheath: Spectral Characteristics Across the Sky and Implications for Heliosheath Structure from Observations by the Neutral Particle Detector (NPD) on board Venus Express (VEX)
*P C Brandt, E C Roelof, P Wurz, S V Barabash, D Bazell, T S Sotirelis, R DeMajistre, R Decker
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 SH24A-02 CC 716B Modeling Neutral Hydrogen in the Heliospheric Interface
*J Heerikhuisen, N Pogorelov
1705 SH24A-03 CC 716B Global Heliospheric Sheath Imaging in Fluxes of Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENAs) from a Sun-Pointed Earth-Orbiting Spinning Spacecraft
*M Gruntman, E Roelof, H Funsten
1720 SH24A-04 CC 716B Investigation of the Cooling Behavior of Interstellar Pickup Helium and Its Effect on the Determination of Neutral Density Profiles and Ionization Rates
*E Moebius, P Bochsler, P A Isenberg, L Saul
1735 SH24A-05 CC 716B Heliospheric Phenomena due to Ion-atom Interactions
*N V Pogorelov, J Heerikhuisen, S Borovikov, G P Zank
1750 SH24A-06 CC 716B The interaction of pickup ions at the termination shock and implications for neutral atoms
*G P Zank
INVITED    [Abstract]
1810 SH24A-07 CC 716B Upper Limits on Heliosheath ENA Intensities (4-70 keV) from STEREO/STE
*L Wang, R P Lin, E C Roelof, J G Luhmann

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