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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Solar and Heliospheric Physics


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 SH31A CC Hall E Space Weather Prediction: Are We There Yet? II Posters (joint with SA, SM)
Presiding: G Tamas, University of Michigan; P Riley, Predictive Science, Inc
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0800 SH31A-01 CC Hall E Forecasting and Monitoring of Key Geospace Parameters
*G V Khazanov, W Lyatsky
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0800 SH31A-02 CC Hall E A three-dimensional unsplit magneto-hydrodynamic code with block-structured adaptive mesh in spherical coordinate
*X Yuan, L Trichtchenko, D Boteler
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0800 SH31A-03 CC Hall E Localization of Radio Burst Sources in the Solar Atmosphere: STEREO Observations
*T Golla, R MacDowall
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0800 SH31A-04 CC Hall E Validation of the SWMF Magnetosphere: Fields and Particles
*D T Welling, A J Ridley
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