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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Solar and Heliospheric Physics


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 SH31B CC Hall E Solar and Heliospheric Physics Posters

Presiding: J Heerikhuisen, University of Alabama in Huntsville; J Giacalone, University of Arizona
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0800 SH31B-01 CC Hall E A Vlasov-Maxwell Equilibrium for the Force-Free Harris Sheet
*T Neukirch, M G Harrison, F Wilson
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0800 SH31B-02 CC Hall E Upward Propagating Alfvén Wave and its Connection With Magnetic Reconnection in the Chromosphere as Observed by SOT
*C Tu, J He, E Marsch, H Tian, L Guo, S Yao
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0800 SH31B-03 CC Hall E Intermittency Analysis and Spatial Dependence of Magnetic Field Disturbances in the Fast Solar Wind
Y Yang, *S W Tam
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0800 SH31B-04 CC Hall E Multi-spacecraft study of interplanetary magnetic field depressions Multi-spacecraft Study of Interplanetary Magnetic Field Depressions
*M Tatrallyay, G Erdos
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0800 SH31B-05 CC Hall E On the Formation of Ion-Acoustic Waves, Solitons, and Double Layers in the Vicinity of the Electrostatic Shocks
*L Lyu, T Tsai
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0800 SH31B-06 CC Hall E Characteristics of Solar Proton Events Associated with Cosmic Ray Ground Level Enhancements
*S Oh, Y Yi, J Bieber, P Evenson
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0800 SH31B-07 CC Hall E The Energy Spectra of Suprathermal Tails in Solar Wind Iron
*M A Popecki, A Galvin, P Bochsler, B Klecker, H Kucharek, L Kistler, L Blush, E Moebius
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0800 SH31B-08 CC Hall E An Analysis of Future In-Flight Calibration of the GOES-O Solar X-Ray Imager using the Crab Nebula
*K K Klett Jr., S M Hill
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