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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 SM21A CC 717A New Perspectives on Substorms and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling I (joint with SA)
Presiding: E Donovan, University of Calgary; S Mende, University of California, Berkeley
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0805 SM21A-01 CC 717A Substorms: Multi-Spacecraft Observation and Global MHD Modeling
*D N Baker, N Farr, M J Wiltberger
0820 SM21A-02 CC 717A The Interrelationship of auroral onset, dipolarization, fast flow, and injection
*E Spanswick, E Donovan, V Uritsky, J Liang, B Jackel, S Mende
0835 SM21A-03 CC 717A Nightside Ionospheric Electrodynamics Associated with Substorms: Multi Instrument Observations
*S Zou, L R Lyons, M J Nicolls, C J Heinselman, S B Mende
INVITED    [Abstract]
0855 SM21A-04 CC 717A What Do Simultaneous, Conjugate Observations of Substorm Time Scales Tell Us About Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling?
*M O Fillingim, D Chua, G A Germany, J F Spann
0910 SM21A-05 CC 717A Ground-based and in-situ timing of substorm expansion phase onset: Locating the initiation region and determining the timescale of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling
*I J Rae, I R Mann, K R Murphy, D K Milling, C E Watt, V Angelopoulos, H U Frey, K Glassmeier, U Auster, D Sibeck, H Singer
0925 SM21A-06 CC 717A Wave Propagation and Substorm Timing: Beyond Ideal MHD
*R L Lysak, Y Song, N Lin
0940 SM21A-07 CC 717A Global Alfvenic Interaction and Substorm Onset
*Y Song, R L Lysak, N Lin

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