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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 SM22A CC 717A New Perspectives on Substorms and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling II (joint with SA)
Presiding: E Donovan, University of Calgary; I Mann, University of Alberta
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1035 SM22A-01 CC 717A Monitoring Traveling Magnetospheric Waves In Optical Aurora
*V Uritsky, J Liang, E Donovan, E Spanswick, S Mende, W Liu
1050 SM22A-02 CC 717A Evolution of Wave Numbers in Auroral Structures at a Substorm Onset
*K Sakaguchi, K Shiokawa, Y Hiraki, E Donovan
INVITED    [Abstract]
1110 SM22A-03 CC 717A A Mechanism for Filamentation and Electron Acceleration Within Expansion-Phase Auroras
*D J Knudsen
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 SM22A-04 CC 717A Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling due to shear Alfven waves: Implications for Substorm Onset
*C E Watt, R Rankin, I J Rae
INVITED    [Abstract]
1150 SM22A-05 CC 717A Coordinated Observations of Auroral Arcs with ALIS and EISCAT
*H Lamy, C Simon, B Gustavsson, J De Keyser, M Echim, T Sergienko, U Brandström, I Sandahl, M Roth
1205 SM22A-06 CC 717A Coexistence of distinct power-law regimes in Self Organized Model for the Magnetosphere
*M Vallieres-Nolle, P Charbonneau, V Uritsky, W Liu

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