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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 SM23A CC Hall E Ground Magnetometer Arrays in the New Millennium: Results and Prospects II Posters

Presiding: M Connors, Athabasca University; P J Chi, IGPP/UCLA
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1400 SM23A-01 CC Hall E THEMIS Observations of Double-onset Substorms and Their Association with IMF Variations
*C Cheng, C T Russell, V Angelopoulos, I Mann, K H Glassmeier, W Baumjohann, S Mende, E Donovan
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1400 SM23A-02 CC Hall E A field line resonance investigation of two-dimensional profile of magnetospheric density observed by multiple magnetometer networks
*P J Chi, F K Chun, M Connors, C T Russell, I R Mann, E W Worthington
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1400 SM23A-03 CC Hall E Two magnetospheric response modes to interplanetary shock impacts
*I I Alexeev, E S Belenkaya, V V Kalegaev, R C Clauer, D R Weimer
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1400 SM23A-04 CC Hall E Statistical Study of ULF Pc 1-2 Wave Propagation Characteristics in the High Latitude Ionospheric Waveguide
*M Young, M Lessard, H Kim, M Argall
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1400 SM23A-05 CC Hall E The CANMOS Magnetometer System and its Space Weather Applications
D W Danskin, B St.-Louis, *X Yuan, L McKee, M Lamothe, D Calp, J Parmalee, R Shaughnessy, L Trichtchenko, H Lam, R Fiori, D Boteler
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1400 SM23A-06 CC Hall E netPICOmag: from Design to Network Implementation
*I Schofield, M Connors, C Russell
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1400 SM23A-07 CC Hall E AUTUMN/STEP and POLARIS EHB: Spanning Canada With Research Magnetometers
*M Connors, C T Russell, I Schofield, K Hayashi, D Boteler, I Asudeh, R Irwin
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