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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 SM23B CC Hall E New Perspectives on Substorms and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling III Posters (joint with SA)
Presiding: E Donovan, University of Calgary; I Mann, University of Alberta
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1400 SM23B-01 CC Hall E A Statistical Study of Pulsating Aurora Using THEMIS Ground Camera Images
*K M Rychert, M Lessard, S Jones, E Donovan, E Spanswick
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1400 SM23B-02 CC Hall E The Relative Timing of Changes in the Inner Magnetospheric Magnetic Field and Plasma Configuration to Substorm Expansion Onset
T Hsu, *R McPherron, V Angelopoulos, M Kivelson, Y Ge
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1400 SM23B-03 CC Hall E Tail and Ionospheric Signatures of Tail Fast Flows Associated with PBIs and with Substorms
*Y Shi, E Zesta, L Lyons, V Angelopoulos, E Donovan, J McFadden, C Carlson, K Glassmeier, S Mende
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1400 SM23B-04 CC Hall E What is the difference between a Steady Magnetospheric Convection event and a Substorm?
T Hsu, *R McPherron, J Weygand, Y Ge, V Angelopoulos, C Russell
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