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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 SM31B CC 717A Particles and Waves in the Magnetosphere I

Presiding: E Donovan, University of Calgary; E Kim, Princeton University
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0800 SM31B-01 CC 717A Exploring Sources of Magnetospheric Plasma Using BATS-R-US
*D T Welling, A J Ridley
0815 SM31B-02 CC 717A Spectral Characteristics of Ions in the Earth's Plasmasheet: Statistical Results from Cluster CIS and RAPID
*P W Daly, S Haaland, E A Kronberg, M Fränz, A Åsnes, E Georgescu, A Korth, I Dandouras, L Degener
0830 SM31B-03 CC 717A Multi-satellite Investigations of the Cusps Under Various Pitch Angle Sorting Algorithms
*W R Keith
0845 SM31B-04 CC 717A Particle Energization on Flux Tubes Threading the Auroral Ionososphere - a Proposed Polar Orbiting Satellite Mission
*R Rankin, D Sydorenko, C Watt
0900 SM31B-05 CC 717A Effects of Heavy Ions on Magnetopause Transport
*J Johnson, E Kim, S Wing, Y Lin
0915 SM31B-06 CC 717A Heavy Ion Effects on the Linear Polarized Pc 1-2 Waves
*E Kim, J R Johnson
0930 SM31B-07 CC 717A Survey of Magnetic Pulsation at Geosynchronous Orbits
*C Watson, P T Jayachandran
0945 SM31B-08 CC 717A THEMIS observations of magnetospheric ELF emissions, ULF Pc5 waves and their auroral features
*J Liang, E F Donovan, T Trondsen, E Spanswick, B Jackel, J McFadden, J Bonnell, K Shiokawa, K Sakaguchi, T Aslaksen

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