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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 SM32A CC 717A Magnetic Reconnection

Presiding: L Kistler, University of New Hampshire; J Raeder, University of New Hampshire
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1030 SM32A-01 CC 717A Open Magnetic Flux and Magnetic Reconnection During Steady Magnetic Convection Intervals.
*B Hubert, S E Milan, S W Cowley
1045 SM32A-02 CC 717A Solar Wind Transport Into Magnetosphere Caused by Magnetic Reconnection During Southward and Northward IMF
*G Yan, C Shen, Z Liu, M W Dunlop, E Lucek, H Reme, C Carr, Y V Bogdanova, T Zhang, A Balogh, A Fazakerley
1100 SM32A-03 CC 717A Three Dimensional Dynamics of Magnetic Reconnection in Large-Scale Pair Plasmas
*L Yin, W Daughton, B J Albright, K J Bowers, H Karimabad, V Roytershteyn
1115 SM32A-04 CC 717A Electron-scale Structures in Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection with Multiple Reconnection Sites
*S Sharma, N Jain
1130 SM32A-05 CC 717A Reconnection at the magnetopause of Saturn: perspectives from FTE and magnetosphere size
H Lai, H Wei, *C Russell, M Dougherty
1145 SM32A-06 CC 717A Fast Reconnection Rates Based on Group Velocity Cones: Whistler Regime and Pair Plasmas
*N Singh
1200 SM32A-07 CC 717A Empirical survey of the magnetosheath
*S M Petrinec, K J Trattner, S A Fuselier

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