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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 SM33A CC Hall E Particles and Waves in the Magnetosphere II Posters

Presiding: B J Anderson, JHU-APL; E Zesta, Air Force Research Laboratory
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1400 SM33A-01 CC Hall E Multiple-Harmonic ULF waves in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer Observed by Cluster
*C R Kahlstorf, M J Engebretson, J L Posch, M C Broughton, K Glassmeier, K Fornacon, A Keiling, H Rème
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1400 SM33A-02 CC Hall E Magnetic-Field Strength and Electron Density Measured in the Earth's Plasmasphere by the WHISPER Relaxation Sounder Onboard CLUSTER
*J Trotignon
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1400 SM33A-03 CC Hall E Probing the Relationship Between EMIC Waves and Plasmaspheric Drainage Plumes near Geosynchronous Orbit
*J L Posch, M J Engebretson, M T Murphy, M R Lessard, M H Denton, R B Horne
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1400 SM33A-04 CC Hall E Storm-time occurrence of relativistic electron microbursts in relation to the plasmapause
*W R Johnston, P C Anderson
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1400 SM33A-05 CC Hall E Pressure Gradient Effect on a Particle Velocity Distribution
*A T Lui
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1400 SM33A-06 CC Hall E One Minute USGS Dst
*J L Gannon, J J Love
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