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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 SM71A CC 717A Energetic Particles in Magnetospheric Physics, Including First Results From the NASA TWINS Mission I (joint with P, SA, SH)
Presiding: M Fok, NASA GSFC; C Pollock, Southwest Research Institute
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0805 SM71A-01 CC 717A Two Wide-angle Imaging Neutral-atom Spectrometers (TWINS) NASA Mission-of-Opportunity - Overview, Initial Results, and Collaborative Opportunities
D McComas, *J Goldstein
INVITED    [Abstract]
0825 SM71A-02 CC 717A First Stereoscopic Views of the Ring Current From TWINS Energetic Neutral Atoms Imagers
*N Buzulukova, M Fok, D McComas, P Brandt, J Goldstein, P Valek, J Alquiza
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 SM71A-03 CC 717A Analysis and Validation of Global Ring Current Observations by TWINS
*P C Brandt, D Bazell, A T Lui, P Valek, E C Roelof, T S Sotirelis, D J McComas
0900 SM71A-04 CC 717A Ion Intensities from TWINS 1 & 2 ENA Images During Weak CIR Magnetic Storms
*J D Perez, E W Grimes, P Valek, J E Alquiza, J Goldstein, D J McComas
0915 SM71A-05 CC 717A Monitoring of the Geocoronal Hydrogen Distribution with TWINS-1/2 Lyman-alpha Observations
J Zoennchen, *M Gruntman, G Lay, U Nass, H Fahr
0930 SM71A-06 CC 717A High Dynamic Pressure and Strong Northward IMF: Ingredients for a New Type of Ring Current on 21-22 January 2005
*J U Kozyra, P C Brandt, D S Evans, X Fang, M Fok, W D Gonzalez, M W Liemohn, G Lu, L Rastaetter, A Ridley, M F Thomsen, B Tsurutani
0945 SM71A-07 CC 717A Plasma Sheet Circulation Pathways
*T E Moore, M H Fok, D C Delcourt, S P Slinker, J A Fedder, P Damiano, W Lotko

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