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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 SM72A CC 717A Energetic Particles in Magnetospheric Physics, Including First Results From the NASA TWINS Mission II (joint with P, SA, SH)
Presiding: J Goldstein, Southwest Research Institute; M Gruntman, University of Southern California
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1035 SM72A-01 CC 717A Transport Equations for Low Altitude Emission of Energetic Neutral Atoms Caused by Precipitating Magnetospheric Ions
*E C Roelof
INVITED    [Abstract]
1055 SM72A-02 CC 717A Comparison of TWINS Images of Low-Altitude ENA Emissions With DMSP Precipitating Ion Fluxes
*D Bazell, T Sotirelis, E Roelof, P Brandt
1110 SM72A-03 CC 717A Composition of the ENA low altitude emissions as viewed by TWINS
*P W Valek, J E Alquiza, J Goldstein, D McComas, E Roelof
1125 SM72A-04 CC 717A ENA Emissions from low Altitude as Seen from IMAGE
*C Pollock, J Jahn, D Mackler, D Mitchell, F Soraas, P Valek
1140 SM72A-05 CC 717A EMIC wave generation and associated loss of energetic particles during magnetospheric compressions.
*M Usanova, I R Mann, I J Rae, Z Kale, A Parent, V Angelopoulos, J Bonnell, K Glassmeier, U Auster, M Sandanger, F Soraas, H Singer
INVITED    [Abstract]
1200 SM72A-06 CC 717A Visualization of EMIC waves-particle interaction region through isolated proton auroras at subauroral latitudes
*K Sakaguchi, K Shiokawa, Y Miyoshi, M Connors
1215 SM72A-07 CC 717A Modeling the Radiation Belts During a Geomagnetic Storm
*A Glocer, M Fok, G Toth

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