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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Magnetospheric Physics


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 SM73A CC Hall E Energetic Particles in Magnetospheric Physics, Including First Results From the NASA TWINS Mission III Posters (joint with P, SA, SH)
Presiding: Q Zheng, University of Maryland; E Scime, West Virginia University
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1400 SM73A-01 CC Hall E Geomagnetic Activity and Directional Dependences of Low Altitude Energetic Neutral Atom Intensities
*J Goldstein, P W Valek, J Redfern, J D Perez, D J McComas
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1400 SM73A-02 CC Hall E Computation of Emergent Intensities of ENAs and Ions From Low Altitude Emission
H Nair, *E C Roelof
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1400 SM73A-03 CC Hall E Determining the ENA Composition From TWINS Flight Data: A Data-Analysis Technique
*J E Alquiza, P W Valek, D J McComas, J Goldstein, J Redfern, M Gruntman
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1400 SM73A-04 CC Hall E The Role of Plasma Sheet Conditions in Ring Current Formation and Energetic Neutral Atom Emissions: TWINS Results and CRCM Comparison
*M Fok, N Buzulukova, D McComas, P Brandt, J Goldstein, P Valek, J Alquiza
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1400 SM73A-05 CC Hall E Comparison of ENA Ion Temperature Calculation Technique to Model Predictions
*E Scime, A Keesee, M Fok, N Buzulukova
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1400 SM73A-06 CC Hall E First Ion Temperature Images From TWINS Data
*A M Keesee, E Scime
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1400 SM73A-07 CC Hall E Acceleration of Magnetospheric Relativistic Electrons by Ultra-Low Frequency Waves: A Comparison Study
L C Tan, X Shao, *A S Sharma, S F Fung
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1400 SM73A-08 CC Hall E Investigation of Energy and Pitch Angle Cross Diffusion Effects on the Outer Radiation Belts Through a Kinetic Radiation Belt Environment Model
*Q Zheng, M Fok
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