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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 2

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1030 T12A CC 717B Lithospheric Foundering From Top to Bottom (joint with GA, CG, G, S, DI, V)
Presiding: R Pysklywec, University of Toronto; L Schoenbohm, Ohio State University
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1030 T12A-01 CC 717B Structural evidence for lithospheric foundering in the Puna Plateau, NW Argentina
*L Schoenbohm, B Carrapa
1045 T12A-02 CC 717B Role of Lithospheric Delamination in the Uplift of the Central Andean Puna-Altiplano Plateau
*S M Kay, B Coira, N McGlashan
INVITED    [Abstract]
1100 T12A-03 CC 717B Lithospheric Delamination in an Orogenic Setting: An Example From the Eastern Anatolia Collision Zone
*O H Gogus, R N Pysklywec
1115 T12A-04 CC 717B Paleoaltimetry Constraints on the Removal of Mantle Lithosphere from Beneath Tibet
*D B Rowley
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 T12A-05 CC 717B Removal of continental backarc lithosphere by flow-induced gravitational instability
*C A Currie, R S Huismans, C Beaumont
INVITED    [Abstract]
1145 T12A-06 CC 717B Pervasive Thermal and Rheological Discontinuities in Mantle Lithosphere: Effects on Mantle Flow and Intraplate Motions
*N Hardebol, R Pysklywec, R Stephenson
1200 T12A-07 CC 717B Uniform Hot Thin Lithosphere for the Cordillera and Most Other Backarcs
*R D Hyndman, S Mazzotti, C A Currie
1215 T12A-08 CC 717B The Influence of Surface Erosion-Deposition on the Evolution of the Mantle Lithosphere Collisional Root at South Island, New Zealand
*B Perez, R N Pysklywec

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