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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 T31A CC Hall E Tectonophysics General Contributions I Posters

Presiding: J Lowman, University of Toronto; S Butler, University of Saskatchewan
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0800 T31A-01 CC Hall E Earthquake (1935 Timiskaming M6.2) Triggered Slumps in Lake Kipawa, Western Quebec Seismic Zone, Canada
*L Daurio, M Doughty, N Eyles
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0800 T31A-02 CC Hall E Analogue Modelling of Evaporite Diapirs on Ellef Ringnes Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago: First Results
*J Macauley, A Cruden, T Brent, R Stephenson
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0800 T31A-03 CC Hall E The High Obliquity Paradigm
*A Sanchez, L Sanchez Bettucci
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0800 T31A-04 CC Hall E Retrodeformation Anaysis of Quaternary Fault in the Southeastern Part of Korean Peninsula
*S Choi, U Chwae
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0800 T31A-05 CC Hall E Active Neotectonic Structures in Glacial and Postglacial Sediment in Lake Timiskaming, Timiskaming Graben, Ontario/Quebec Canada
M Doughty, *N Eyles, C Eyles
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0800 T31A-06 CC Hall E La Tuna Complex: A possible Neoproterozoic ophiolite
*E Peel, M Basei, L Sanchez Bettucci
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0800 T31A-07 CC Hall E Friction Rheology and Afterslip on the Chelungpu Decollement Inferred From Postseismic Deformation of the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake
*P Chen, W Wang, Y Hsu
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0800 T31A-08 CC Hall E Multi-Stage Extension And The Mid-Late Miocene Arc-Parallel Extension Event In The Hellenic Ridge
*A E Marsellos, W S Kidd
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0800 T31A-09 CC Hall E Abyssal Hill Deflections at Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Transform Intersections
*M B Croon, S C Cande, J M Stock
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0800 T31A-10 CC Hall E Abrupt Change in Convergence Rate as a Mechanism to Induce Extension in Highly Coupled Subduction Zones
*J Contreras
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0800 T31A-11 CC Hall E Joints and Mineral Veins in Limestone-Marl Alternations: Arrest and Fracture Frequencies
*S L Philipp, D Reyer
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0800 T31A-12 CC Hall E Abrupt Change in Zircon Hf Isotopic Compositions at ~420 Ma: Implications for Early Paleozoic Ridge Subduction in the Chinese Altai
*M Sun, C Yuan, X Long, K Cai, Y Jiang, K Wong, W Xiao, G Zhao, F Wu
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