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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 T34A CC 718B Tectonophysics General Contributions II

Presiding: J Lowman, University of Toronto; S Butler, University of Saskatchewan
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1630 T34A-01 CC 718B Spatial Radon and Helium Anomalies along Major Thrust/Faults of Himachal Himalayas, India
*S Mahajan, B S Bajwa, A Kumar, V Walia, S Singh, T F Yang
1645 T34A-02 CC 718B India-Madagascar Conjugate Margins: Spatiospectral Localization of Isostatic Coherence Estimation
*R R Nair
1700 T34A-03 CC 718B Surface Deformation Analysis by Means of Fractal Dimension and Lacunarity Approaches
*S Mahmood, F Shahzad, R Glaouguen
1715 T34A-04 CC 718B Mechanical Evolution of Relay Zones in Normal Faulted Terranes: Insights From Three Dimensional Elastoplastic Finite Element Models
*R Goteti, G Mitra, A Sussman, C Lewis
1730 T34A-05 CC 718B Effect of Cohesion Uncertainty of Granular Materials on the Kinematics of Scaled Models of Fold-and-Thrust Belts
*F Nilfouroushan, R Pysklywec, S Cruden
1745 T34A-06 CC 718B The Impact of Superplasticity and the Iron Spin Transition on Mantle Dynamics
*H Shahnas, W Peltier
1800 T34A-07 CC 718B Modeling Pure Shear Porosity Instabilities in Compacting Porous Media: Implications for Melt Transport Beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges
*S L Butler
1815 T34A-08 CC 718B Global Geodynamic Constraints on the Structure and Dynamic State of the Continental Lower crust
*P Auerbach, A Forte, R Moucha, C Perry

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