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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 1

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0800 U11A CC 713A Connecting Atmospheric, Space, and Planetary Sciences to Accelerate Progress in Addressing Earth's Atmospheric and Oceanic Coupling and Climate Variability I

Presiding: J Kozyra, University of Michigan; L Vieira, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
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0800 U11A-01 CC 713A Solar Influences on Climate
*M A Geller
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 U11A-02 CC 713A Global-scale teleconnections in the Earth's middle atmosphere
*T G Shepherd
INVITED    [Abstract]
0840 U11A-03 CC 713A A Mechanism for the Influence of Solar Variability on Tropospheric Climate
*J D Haigh, I R Simpson, M Blackburn
0900 U11A-04 CC 713A Atmospheric circulation and its variability on the giant planets
*A P Showman
0920 U11A-05 CC 713A The Characteristics and Climate Forcing Implication of the Multi-time Scale Fluctuations in the Air Temperature in Xiamen, China From 1954 to 2007
X Li, *S Huang, H Ye, R Zhang, S Li
0940 U11A-06 CC 713A System Studies of Long-Term Variability of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere
*J Yee

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