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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 U14A CC 715A Appalachian Connections Through the Americas I (joint with GA)
Presiding: S M Barr, Acadia University; C R van Staal, Natural Resources Canada
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1630 U14A-01 CC 715A The Basement of the Andes: the Gondwana-Laurentia Connections Revisited
*V A Ramos
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 U14A-02 CC 715A Paleozoic Orogens of Mexico and the Laurentia-Gondwana Connections: an Update
*F Ortega-Gutierrez
INVITED    [Abstract]
1710 U14A-03 CC 715A Neoproteozoic to Cambrian Tectonic Evolution of the Proto-Andean Margin of Gondwana: Implications for the Opening of Iapetus
*C R van Staal, M Escayola, B Davis
1730 U14A-04 CC 715A New Constraints on Amazonian Versus West African Cratonic Source Components of the Peri-Gondwanan Sedimentary Basins
*D I Schofield, M S Horstwood
INVITED    [Abstract]
1750 U14A-05 CC 715A Supercontinent Reconstruction from Accretionary History at Leading Continental Edges: An Example from the Northern Margin of Gondwana
*J Murphy, R Nance, G Gutierrez-Alonso, J Keppie
1810 U14A-06 CC 715A U-Pb Ages From Detrital Zircon in Avalonian Sedimentary Rocks: Temporal Changes in Provenance Tied to Terrane Migration?
*S Samson, M Hamilton, S Barr, C White, A Satkoski

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