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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 U21A CC Hall E Appalachian Connections Through the Americas II Posters

Presiding: S M Barr, Acadia University; C R van Staal, Natural Resources Canada
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0800 U21A-01 CC Hall E The Sierra de Calalaste in Northwestern Argentina, a counterpart of the peri-Gondwanan Ellsworth Terrane in the northern Appalachians?
*M P Escayola, C R van Staal, W J Davis, N Rogers
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0800 U21A-02 CC Hall E Paleomagnetic Progress in Peri-Gondwanan Terranes of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
A M Grunow, *M D Thompson, S M Barr, C E White
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0800 U21A-03 CC Hall E Acritarchs in Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Rocks of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada: New Constraints on Correlations and Paleogeography
T Palacios, S Jensen, *S M Barr, C E White, R F Miller
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0800 U21A-04 CC Hall E Geology of the Governor Lake Area ('Liscomb Complex'), Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada
*C E White, K Scallion, S M Barr, R A Jamieson
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0800 U21A-05 CC Hall E Altering Avalonia Tracking fluid-rock interaction in the Mira Terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
*J Potter, F J Longstaffe, S M Barr
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