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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 U21C CC Hall E Exploring the Vulnerabilities of Populations to the Manifestations of Climate Change Posters

Presiding: Y Plancherel, Princeton University; G van der Vink, Princeton University
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0800 U21C-01 CC Hall E Climate Change and Civil Violence
*G van der Vink, Y Plancherel, C Hennet, K D Jones, A Abdullah, J Bradshaw, S Dee, A Deprez, M Pasenello, E Plaza-Jennings, D Roseman, P Sopher, E Sung
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0800 U21C-02 CC Hall E Effect of Climate-Induced Change in Crop Yields on Emigration: The Case of Mexico
M Oppenheimer, A B Krueger, *S Feng
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