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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 U24A CC 715A Thermal History of Earth's Interior

Presiding: S Costin, University of Saskatchewan; S Butler, University of Saskatchewan
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1630 U24A-01 CC 715A Heat Loss of the Earth and Energy Budget of the Mantle
*J Mareschal, C Jaupart
INVITED    [Abstract]
1645 U24A-02 CC 715A Testing the Importance of Hydrothermal Circulation in Oceanic Lithosphere
K Hughes, *C A Stein
1700 U24A-03 CC 715A Heat flux and crustal radio-activity near the Sudbury neutrino observatory, Ontario, Canada
*J Mareschal, C Perry, C Jaupart
1715 U24A-04 CC 715A Potential and Limitations of Geoneutrino Detection Technique for Studying HPE in Earth's Deep Interior
*P Jagam
INVITED    [Abstract]
1730 U24A-05 CC 715A U Solubility in Planetary Cores: Evidence from High Pressure and Temperature Experiments
*X Bao, R A Secco, J E Gagnon, B J Fryer
1745 U24A-06 CC 715A Geochemical Constraints On the Core-Mantle System?
*R J Walker, T J Ireland, R Arevalo Jr.W F McDonough
INVITED    [Abstract]
1800 U24A-07 CC 715A Chemical Interactions Between the Core and the Mantle
*B A Buffett
INVITED    [Abstract]
1815 U24A-08 CC 715A Joint seismic-geodynamic-mineral physical constraints on heat flux across the CMB
*A M Forte, R Moucha, N A Simmons, S P Grand

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