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2009 Joint Assembly



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0800 U71A CC 715A Megathrust Earthquakes and Subduction Zone Processes

Presiding: S C Singh, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris; D Robinson, University of Oxford
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0800 U71A-01 CC 715A Influence of fault friction heterogeneities on strain accumulation and release on Megathrust
*J Avouac, Y Kaneko, N Lapusta, H Perfettini, A Sladen, A Konca, A Kositsky, K Sieh, D H Natawidjaja
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 U71A-02 CC 715A Measuring surface deformation in subduction zones with InSAR: Examples from South America and Cascadia
*M E Pritchard, R B Lohman, T J Fournier, S G Holtkamp
INVITED    [Abstract]
0840 U71A-03 CC 715A Subducting Seamounts and the Rupturing Process of Great Subduction Zone Earthquakes
*S Das
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 U71A-04 CC 715A Structure and Deformation Across Epicentral Region of 26 December 2004 Great Sumatra Earthquake
N D Hananto, *S C Singh, A P Chauhan, H Carton
0910 U71A-05 CC 715A Backthrusting And Forearc Evolution At Northern Sumatra Subduction Zone
A P Chauhan, *S C Singh, N D Hananto, H Carton
0920 U71A-06 CC 715A Tsunami risk due to Active Backthrusting and Landslides at the NE Margin of Mentawai Islands, SW Sumatra
*S C Singh, N D Hananto, A P Chauhan

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