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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 2

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1030 U72A CC 715A Precambrian Environments: Controversial Changes and Paleoproterozoic Milestones I

Presiding: R H Rainbird, Geological Survey of Canada; C Jefferson, Geological Survey of Canada; A Bekker, University of Manitoba; B Wing, McGill University
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1030 U72A-01 CC 715A Composition of the Nuvvuagittuq "faux-amphibolite": implications for the formation of Earth's early crust
*J O'Neil, D Francis
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 U72A-02 CC 715A An Early Shelter for Life on Earth? S and O Isotope Evidence From the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Superior Province, Canada
*E Thomassot, J O'Neil, D Francis, P Cartigny, D Rumble, B Wing
1110 U72A-03 CC 715A Using Pyroxene and Amphibole Compositions to Determine Protolith of Banded Quartz-Amphibole-Pyroxene Rocks on Akilia, Southwest Greenland: a Lithology Suitable for Hosting Earth's Oldest Life?
*M M Hage, T Usui, C M Fedo, M J Whitehouse
1130 U72A-04 CC 715A Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes of the Buck Reef Chert: Implications for an Archean Paleoenvironment
*M T Hren, M Tice, C P Chamberlain
INVITED    [Abstract]
1150 U72A-05 CC 715A Emerged Oceanic Plateaux and Their Role in Regulating Archean Ocean and Atmosphere Composition
*B S Kamber
1210 U72A-06 CC 715A Supercontinents, Supermoutains, and the Rise of Atmospheric O2
*I H Campbell, C M Allen

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