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2009 Joint Assembly



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1400 U73A CC 716B Precambrian Environments: Controversial Changes and Paleoproterozoic Milestones II

Presiding: R H Rainbird, Geological Survey of Canada; C Jefferson, Geological Survey of Canada; A Bekker, University of Manitoba; B Wing, McGill University
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1400 U73A-01 CC 716B Precambrian Asteroid Impacts: Changing Earth History or Just Marking Time?
*B M Simonson, S Hassler, B Bottke
1420 U73A-02 CC 716B Coupled Iron and Sulfur Isotope Constraints on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic Ocean Redox State
*O J Rouxel, A Bekker
INVITED    [Abstract]
1440 U73A-03 CC 716B Paleoproterozoic Carbon Isotope Excursion: Updating the Evidence
*J A Karhu
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 U73A-04 CC 716B The Lomagundi Event Marks Post-Pasteur Point Evolution of Aerobic Respiration: A Hypothesis
*T D Raub, J L Kirschvink, C Z Nash, T M Raub, R E Kopp, I A Hilburn
1520 U73A-05 CC 716B The 1850 Ma Sudbury Impact Event in Northern Michigan and Changing Paleoproterozoic Oceanography
*P K Pufahl, E E Hiatt, J R Morrow, T K Kyser, C R Stanley, G J Nelson, C T Edwards
1540 U73A-06 CC 716B A Coupled Carbon Cycle - Climate Model of Neoproterozoic Glaciation: the Influence of Precipitation, Continental Configuration and Stochastic Perturbations to the Carbon Cycle or Solar Insolation
*Y Liu, W R Peltier

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