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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 U74A CC 716B Precambrian Environments: Controversial Changes and Paleoproterozoic Milestones III

Presiding: R H Rainbird, Geological Survey of Canada; C Jefferson, Geological Survey of Canada; A Bekker, University of Manitoba; B Wing, McGill University
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1630 U74A-01 CC 716B Riding the supercontinent cycle: Paleoproterozoic basins and their metal endowment
A Bekker, *S J Pehrsson, C Jefferson
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 U74A-02 CC 716B Age and Correlation of Late Paleoproterozoic Sedimentary Successions in Northwestern Canada and Their Bearing on the Paleogeography of Laurentia
*R H Rainbird, W J Davis, K Hahn, F Furlanetto, D Thorkelson
1710 U74A-03 CC 716B Quantitative comparisons of the Paleoproterozoic Thelon and Athabasca basins
*C W Jefferson, B W Davis, R H Rainbird, P Ramaekers, S Bosman, K R Chamberlain
1730 U74A-04 CC 716B A New Model of Terrane Accretion in Northwestern Laurentia required by U-Pb SHRIMP Analysis of Detrital Zircons from the Paleoproterozoic Wernecke Supergroup, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon
*F Furlanetto, D J Thorkelson, W J Davis, H D Gibson, R R Rainbird, D D Marshall
1750 U74A-05 CC 716B Paleoproterozoic (2050-1680 Ma) Divergent and Convergent Sedimentary Basins of the Capricorn Orogen of Western Australia
*B Krapez
INVITED    [Abstract]
1810 U74A-06 CC 716B Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Provenance of Cover Sequences in the Southern Australian Palaeoproterozoic
*K E Howard, M Hand, K M Barovich, M A Szpunar, J L Payne

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