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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Monday Morning 1

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0800 V11A CC 711 Experiments, Observations, and Models of Planetary Magmatic Evolution II (joint with GA, MA, P)
Presiding: D Walker, LDEO, Columbia University; R Tracy, Virginia Tech; S T Morse, University of Massachusetts
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0800 V11A-01 CC 711 Isotopic Petrology: The Curious Case of the Shergottite Meteorites
*J H Jones
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 V11A-02 CC 711 Two Parent Magmas for the Same Anorthosite Pluton? The Egersund-Ogna Case
*J Duchesne, B Charlier, J Vander Auwera
0830 V11A-03 CC 711 Sveconorwegian Massif Type Anorthosites (Rogaland Complex) and Penecontemporaneous Granitoids Suites Result From Postcollisional Remelting of Subduction-Related Underplated Mafic Cumulates
*J Vander Auwera, O Bolle, B Bingen, J Liegeois, M Bogaerts, J Duchesne, B De Waele, J Longhi
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 V11A-04 CC 711 High Pressure Crystallization of Mafic Magma: Field Observations, Compositional Measurements and Computer Modeling
*R J Tracy
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 V11A-05 CC 711 Source Mineralogy for Hawaiian Tholeiites
*D C Presnall
0915 V11A-06 CC 711 Melt Generation in Heterogeneous Mantle Sources: A Three-Legged Stool Approach
*E L Brown, C E Lesher
0930 V11A-07 CC 711 Longhi Games, Internal Reservoirs, and Cumulate Porosity
*S A Morse
INVITED    [Abstract]

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