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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Monday Morning 2

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1030 V12A CC 718B Daly Lecture and Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology General Contributions I (joint with GA, MA)
Presiding: A Kilinc, University of Cincinnati; J Mungall, University of Toronto
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1030 V12A-01 CC 718B Transition From Island Arc to Active Continental Margin: Evidence From The Neoproterozoic Fawakhir Ophiolite, Egypt
*Y Abd El-Rahman, A Polat
1045 V12A-02 CC 718B Evaluation of Mantle Upwelling Beneath Iceland from U-series Disequilibria: Implication for Icelandic Mantle Plume Dynamics
*T A Chekol, K Kobayashi, E Nakamura
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1100 V12A-03 CC 718B Oscillatory Zoning in Plagioclase: Effect of P, T And Partial Molal Volumes of Na2O And CaO In The Melt
*A Kilinc, G Ustunisik
1115 V12A-04 CC 718B Melt inclusions in Fe oxide and phosphate tephra of El Laco volcano, Chile
*J E Mungall, H R Naslund
1145 V12A-05 CC 718B Daly Lecture: How to Build a Habitable World (or, The Hospitable Hadean)
*T M Harrison

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