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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 V13A CC Hall E Advances in 3-D Imaging and Analysis of Rocks and Other Earth Materials III Posters (joint with GA, MA, S)
Presiding: G Gualda, Vanderbilt University; D R Baker, McGill University
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1400 V13A-01 CC Hall E 3D Volumetric Analysis of Fluid Inclusions Using Confocal Microscopy
*A Proussevitch, G Mulukutla, D Sahagian, B Bodnar
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1400 V13A-02 CC Hall E X-Ray Tomography of Diamondiferous Eclogites: Clues to the Origin of Diamonds.
*L A Taylor, R A Ketcham
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1400 V13A-03 CC Hall E New results achieved by high resolution neutron computed tomography
*B Schillinger, K Hess, A Flaws, A Gerik, R Khemaka, M Muehlbauer, R Marschallinger, J H Kruhl, D B Dingwell
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1400 V13A-04 CC Hall E X-ray microtomography at high pressure
*C E Lesher, Y Wang, S Gaudio, A Clark, A Yamada, T Sanehira, M Rivers
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1400 V13A-05 CC Hall E Determining Crystal Size Distributions Over a Wide Range of Crystal Sizes From Multiple Tomographic Runs
*A S Pamukcu, G A Gualda
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1400 V13A-06 CC Hall E 'tomo_display' and 'vol_tools': IDL VM Packages for Tomography Data Reconstruction, Processing, and Visualization
M L Rivers, *G A Gualda
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