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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 V13D CC Hall E Experiments, Observations, and Models of Planetary Magmatic Evolution III Posters (joint with GA, MA, P)
Presiding: R Tracy, Virginia Tech; S T Morse, University of Massachusetts
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1400 V13D-01 CC Hall E Building a Theoretical Framework for Melting of Chemically Heterogeneous Mantle
*S Fowler, J Korenaga
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1400 V13D-02 CC Hall E The Plumbing System of the Franklin Magmatic Event on Victoria Island, N.W.T., Preliminary Results
*J H Bedard, H R Naslund, D Q Dye, D Morgan, R Montjoie, H Thomas, R Rainbird
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1400 V13D-03 CC Hall E Experimental Constraints on Lithium Exchange Between Clinopyroxene, Olivine and Aqueous Fluids at Elevated P and T
*N Caciagli, J Brenan, W McDonough, D Phinney
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1400 V13D-04 CC Hall E A Method for the Flux Growth of Intermediate Composition Olivine
*M T DeAngelis, L M Anovitz, T C Labotka, D A Frederick
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1400 V13D-05 CC Hall E The Influence of Database Configuration on the Derivation of Trace Element Partitioning Expressions for Clinopyroxene
*J L Cunningham, R L Nielsen, A A Koppers, M S Ghiorso, M M Hirschmann
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