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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 V14A CC 711 Recent Advances in Trace-Element and Isotopic Microanalysis of Accessory Minerals II (joint with GA, MA, CG)
Presiding: R Linnen, University of Waterloo; L Groat, University of British Columbia
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1630 V14A-01 CC 711 Compositional Variability of Rutile in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
*J R Clark, A E Williams-Jones
INVITED    [Abstract]
1645 V14A-02 CC 711 Contrasting Platinum-Group Element and Chalcophile Element Contents in Pyrrhotite, Pentlandite and Chalcopyrite From Different Environments
*S - Barnes, S A Dare
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 V14A-03 CC 711 Incorporation of platinum-group elements and cobalt into subsidiary pyrite in alkalic Cu-Au porphyry deposits: significant implications for precious metal distribution in felsic magmatic-hydrothermal systems
*J J Hanley, M K MacKenzie
INVITED    [Abstract]
1715 V14A-04 CC 711 The Distribution of Platinum-Group Elements and Other Chalcophile Elements Among Mineral Phases of the Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit of Creighton Mine, Sudbury, Canada: A Quantitative Mass Balance
*S A Dare, S - Barnes, H M Prichard, P C Fisher
1730 V14A-05 CC 711 Chromite Does not Control IPGE (Os, Ir, Ru)
P Page, *S J Barnes
1745 V14A-06 CC 711 A Comparison of Fracture and Matrix Indicator Minerals in the Dispersion Halo Around the Dibs Rare-Metal Pegmatite, Manitoba
*R L Linnen, N M Halden, C R Galeschuk, L Lau
1800 V14A-07 CC 711 Apatite as a paleohydrothermal fluid recorder in Carlin-type gold deposits
*S L Barker, K A Hickey, G M Dipple, G Layne

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