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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 V23A CC Hall E Innovative Applications of Stable Isotopes to Hydrothermal and High-Temperature Processes II Posters (joint with GA, MA, B, OS)
Presiding: K Graham, McGill University; J B Chapman, Geological Survey of Canada
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1400 V23A-01 CC Hall E A Multi-Technique Approach to Understanding Camp-Wide Mineralization Processes in Archean VMS Deposits
*E R Sharman, B Wing, B Taylor, I Jonasson, J Farquhar, B Dubé
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1400 V23A-02 CC Hall E Lithium Isotope Systematics in Azores Basalts
*H Yu, E Widom, L Qiu, R Rudnick, A Gelinas, Z Franca
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1400 V23A-03 CC Hall E Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution During Vein Formation in Arghash Gold Prospect, Northeast Of Iran
*S Alirezaei, E Ashrafpour, K M Ansdell
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