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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 V23D CC 711 Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology General Contributions II (joint with GA, MA)
Presiding: J M Brenan, University of Toronto; H R Naslund, Binghamton University
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1400 V23D-01 CC 711 Birefringence, the Lost and Forgotten Optical Property
*J Nicholls
1415 V23D-02 CC 711 Core Formation and Extreme Fractionation of Highly Siderophile Elements (HSE)
*J M Brenan, W F McDonough, N Bennett
1430 V23D-03 CC 711 Water Quantification and Speciation in Silicate Melt Using Raman Spectroscopy
C Lelosq, *D R Neuville
1445 V23D-04 CC 711 Diffusion in Natural Melts: Kinetics and Mechanisms of Redox Reactions
*B Cochain, D R Neuville, D de Ligny, j Roux, P Richet
1500 V23D-05 CC 711 POWTEX - A new High-Intensity Powder and Texture Diffractometer at FRM II, Garching Germany
*J M Walter, T Brückel, R Dronskowski, B T Hansen, A Houben, H Klein, B Leiss, A Vollbrecht, H Sowa
1515 V23D-06 CC 711 Calculated Olivine and Augite Distribution Coefficients From a Differentiated Proterozoic Sill, Victoria Island, NWT
*H R Naslund, J H Bédard, D Q Dye, D Morgan, R Montjoie, T Hadlari, R Rainbird
1530 V23D-07 CC 711 Physico-chemical processes involved in the construction of a composite pluton: an example from Stewart Island, New Zealand
*R E Turnbull, S D Weaver
1545 V23D-08 CC 711 Construction and Evolution of an Ice-Confined Basaltic Eruptive Fissure Complex: Sveifluhals, SW Iceland
E C Mercurio, *I P Skilling, B Cameron

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