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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


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0800 V31B CC Hall E Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology General Contributions III Posters (joint with GA, MA)
Presiding: J B Chapman, Geological Survey of Canada
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0800 V31B-01 CC Hall E The Cinder Lake Intrusive Complex, Knee Lake area, Central Manitoba: a Syenite-Carbonatite Association from a Neoarchean Continental Margin
A R Chakhmouradian, C O Bhm, *R D Kressall, P G Lenton
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0800 V31B-02 CC Hall E Potential Greenstone Belt Continuity Undercover, Zimbabwe
*I González-Álvarez, J Aurore, C T McCuaig, P Alok
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0800 V31B-03 CC Hall E Petrogenesis of the Khabr-Marvast Tectonized Ophiolite in the middle part of Nain-Baft Ophiolite belt, NW Shahrebabak, Iran
*A Soltanmohammadi, M Rahgoshay, M Khalatbari-Jafari
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0800 V31B-04 CC Hall E Suprasubduction Origin for the Nari Ophiolite, Southwestern Belt of Fariman, Northeast Iran
*M Khalatbari Jafari, M Hatami
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0800 V31B-05 CC Hall E A Possible Northern Extension of the Reunion Hotspot Track; Based on Samples From the Bela Ophiolite, Pakistan.
*C J Banser, K Nicholson, M Khan
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0800 V31B-06 CC Hall E The Trace Element Diversity of Anorthitic Plagioclase and Melt Inclusions in MOR Basalts
A B Weinsteiger, *R L Nielsen, A J Kent
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0800 V31B-07 CC Hall E Toward an Integrated Model for the Composition, Structure, and Physical Properties of the Crust in Icelandic Rift Zones
*D F Kelley, W R Panero, M Barton
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0800 V31B-08 CC Hall E U-Pb Zircon LA-ICPMS Ages of Granitoids From the Dahomeyide Segment of the Pan-African Trans Saharan Belt
*K Attoh, S Scott, Y Agbossoumonde, P M Nude
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0800 V31B-09 CC Hall E Mineralogic, Petrographic, Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Incesu Ignimbrite (Central Anatolia Turkey) Used Building Stone In Historical Buildings
S Tasdelen, T Korolay, Y K Kadioglu, *M Kumral
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0800 V31B-10 CC Hall E Distal Limits and Composition of a Late Ordovician (Mohawkian) Biotite-Bearing Volcanic ash, Foreland Carbonate Platform (Verulam Formation), Ottawa Embayment: Helping to Define Magmatic Change in Volcanism Following Later Platform Foundering
*M Al-Delami, G R Dix
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0800 V31B-11 CC Hall E Evidence for In-situ Cretaceous Volcanism From La Conception Quarry in the Noumea Basin, New Caledonia
*C Rickey, A Alexander, R Grande, S Robinson, K Nicholson
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0800 V31B-12 CC Hall E Dyke Swarms in Southeastern British Columbia: Mineralogical and Geochemical Evidence for Emplacement of Multiple Magma Types During Orogenic Collapse
M Freeman, *J P Owen, P W Hoskin
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0800 V31B-13 CC Hall E Petrogenesis of Silicic Magmas in the Afro-Arabian Flood Volcanic Province in Yemen: A Melt Inclusion Study
*L B Falkena, D Peate, I Ukstins Peate
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0800 V31B-14 CC Hall E Clay and Zeolite Diagenesis of Two Miocene Felsic Tuffs from the Santa Rosalia Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico
*L C Moore, A G Conly
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0800 V31B-15 CC Hall E Changes in Aerosol Chemistry in the Plume of Kilauea Volcano Caused by the 2008 Summit Eruption
*E Ilyinskaya, C Oppenheimer
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0800 V31B-16 CC Hall E The Degassing Behavior of Volatile Heavy Metals in Natural and Synthetic Silicate Melts
*A Johnson, D Canil
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0800 V31B-17 CC Hall E Volcanic Architecture of the Matagami Mining Camp: Implications for Mineral Exploration
*J Debreil, P Ross
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0800 V31B-18 CC Hall E The Geology, Geochemistry and Alteration of the Westwood Au-Zn-Cu Deposit, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada
*A Wright-Holfeld, P Mercier-Langevin, B Dubé
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0800 V31B-19 CC Hall E Volcanological and Metallogenic Study of a Prospective Segment of the Hebecourt Formation, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada A Preliminary Results
*R Rogers, P Ross, J Goutier, B Lafrance, P Mercier-Langevin
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0800 V31B-20 CC Hall E Stratigraphic and structural setting of the Dunraine Shear Zone, Val d'Or, Québec: metallogenic implications
*D Yergeau, A Tremblay, D Vermette, M Gauthier
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0800 V31B-21 CC Hall E Characteristics and Distribution of Mineral Textures and Fluid Inclusions in the Epithermal Ag-Au Deposits at Guanajuato, Mexico
*D Moncada, R J Bodnar, T J Reynolds, J D Rimstidt, S Mutchler
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0800 V31B-22 CC Hall E Major and trace element geochemistry of Archean sulfidic black shale horizons as a potential vectoring tool for VMS exploration
*J B Chapman, J M Peter, D Layton-Matthews, J B Gemmell
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0800 V31B-23 CC Hall E Geology and Geochemistry of the Lac Cinquante Uranium Deposit, Nunavut
*N J Bridge, N R Banerjee, C S Finnigan, R Carpenter, J Ward
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0800 V31B-24 CC Hall E Volcanology and geochemistry of the Lundberg volcanogenic massive sulphide zone, Buchans, Newfoundland
*G van Hees, A Zagorevski, M Hannington
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0800 V31B-25 CC Hall E Geochemical and isotopic (Sr, O, C, S) evidence for multiple fluid sources for the Mu barite deposits, SE Anatolia, Turkey
*M Kumral, A Baran, M Budakoglu
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0800 V31B-26 CC Hall E Laser-Ablation SF-ICP-MS Analyses of MPI-DING Glass Reference Materials: Procedures and First Results from the KU Element2 Laboratory
*B Mocek, A Moeller
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0800 V31B-27 CC Hall E High Precision 142Nd/144Nd and 143Nd/144Nd Isotope Ratio Measurements in Rock Samples
*A Ali, G Srinivasan
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0800 V31B-28 CC Hall E Gravity Survey of Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipielago, Eastern Pacific Ocean
*J A Pavon-Moreno, M Escorza-Reyes, L Perez-Cruz, J U Fucugauchi
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0800 V31B-29 CC Hall E A GIS-Based Approach to Multiscale Network Analysis: Method and Applications Regarding Volcanic Seismicity Patterns in Hawaii
M Suteanu, *C A Suteanu
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