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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 V31F CC 718B Advances in Kimberlite Geology and Volcanology II (joint with GA, MA, CG)
Presiding: K Russell, University of British Columbia; S R Sparks, University of Bristol
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0800 V31F-01 CC 718B Are Monogenetic Basaltic Explosive Volcanoes Good Analogues for Explosive Kimberlite Volcanoes?
*R A Cas
0815 V31F-02 CC 718B The Influence of Volcanological and Sedimentological Processes on Diamond Grade Distribution: Examples From the Ekati Diamond Mine, NWT, Canada
*L A Porritt, R A Cas, L Ailleres, P Oshust
0830 V31F-03 CC 718B Fragmentation of Kimberlite: Insights into Eruption Style and Energy from Diavik, NWT
*S Moss, J Russell
0845 V31F-04 CC 718B Kimberlite Wall Rock Fragmentation: Venetia K08 Pipe Development
*W Barnett, S Kurszlaukis, M Tait, P Dirks
0900 V31F-05 CC 718B An Unusual Example of Coherent Kimberlite From the Muskox Kimberlite (Nunavut, Canada): a Re-evaluation of the Criteria for Recognising Coherent Kimberlite
*P Hayman, R Cas
0915 V31F-06 CC 718B Welded Kimberlite?
*B I van Straaten, M G Kopylova, J K Russell, B H Scott Smith
0930 V31F-07 CC 718B Emplacement Temperatures of Pyroclastic and Volcaniclastic Deposits in Kimberlite Pipes in Southern Africa: New constraints From Palaeomagnetic Measurements
*G P Fontana, C MacNiocaill, R J Brown, S R Sparks, M Field, T M Gernon
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0945 V31F-08 CC 718B Growth of Bultfonteinite and Hydrogarnet in Metasomatized Basalt Xenoliths in the BK9 Kimberlite, Orapa, Botswana: Insights into Hydrothermal Metamorphism in Kimberlite Pipes
*B Buse, J C Schumacher, S R Sparks, M Field

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