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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 V32A CC 711 Ore Genesis and Volcano Instability (joint with GA, MA, CG)
Presiding: E Cañón-Tapia, CICESE; A Szakacs, Sapientia University
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1030 V32A-01 CC 711 Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits in the Southern Tulks Volcanic Belt, Central Newfoundland: Where do They fit Within the Tectonostratigraphic Architecture?
*J G Hinchey, V McNicoll
1045 V32A-02 CC 711 Petrogenesis of the 1.9 Ga Mafic Hanging Wall Sequence to the Flin Flon, Callinan, and Triple 7 Massive Sulphide Deposits, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada
*M DeWolfe, H Gibson, S Piercey
1100 V32A-03 CC 711 Low Sulphide Mineralisation of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada: Examples of Fractionated Magmatic or Hydrothermal Systems?
*C White, J Mungall, E Spooner
1115 V32A-04 CC 711 Evaluating the Consequences of Edifice Instability-Related Processes in Hydrothermal Ore Genesis at Composite Volcanoes
*A Szakacs
1130 V32A-05 CC 711 Genetic Model of an Aborted Porphyry-copper System
*D C Papp, E Nitoi, A Szakacs
1145 V32A-06 CC 711 Late Miocene Debris-Avalanche Deposit At The Gutai Shield Volcano, NW Romania. Re-Evaluation Of Geological Mapping And Mineral Deposits
*I Seghedi, A Fülöp
1200 V32A-07 CC 711 Hydrothermal Zoning of Rift Zones Inferred From Magnetic Susceptibility Variations: Implications for the Collapse of Hawaiian Shield Volcanoes, and for Ore-genesis Processes.
*E Cañòn-Tapia, E Herrero-Bervera

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