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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 V32B CC 718B When Worlds Collide: From Magma Rheology to Rock Mechanics I (joint with GA, MA, CG, NS, S, T)
Presiding: Y Lavallee, University of Munich; L A Kennedy, University of British Colombia; P M Benson, University of Toronto
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1030 V32B-01 CC 718B Rheology and Strain Rates of Natural Systems
*J C White
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 V32B-02 CC 718B When melts start behaving like rocks: the chemical vs. the physical complexity of melt rheology.
*D B Dingwell
INVITED    [Abstract]
1100 V32B-03 CC 718B A Laboratory Study of the 2004-2008 Mount St Helens Lava Dome: Mechanical Behaviour, Rheology, and Earthquakes.
*R Smith, P R Sammonds, H Tuffen, P G Meredith
1115 V32B-04 CC 718B Origins of Mt. St. Helens Cataclasites: Experimental Insights
*L A Kennedy, J K Russell, E Nelles
1130 V32B-05 CC 718B Timescales of Compaction in Volcanic Systems
*S Quane, K Russell, B Friedlander
1145 V32B-06 CC 718B The brittle failure of volcanoes as a precursor to eruptions
*C Kilburn
INVITED    [Abstract]
1200 V32B-07 CC 718B Cracking Magmas
*Y Lavallee, P Benson, K Hess, P G Meredith, D B Dingwell
1215 V32B-08 CC 718B Constraining Volcano Source Rheology and Mechanisms: 3D Full Wavefield Simulations and Very High Resolution Observations From Mt Etna.
*C J Bean, G O'Brien, L de Barros, S Murphy, I Lokmer, G Saccorotti, D Patane, J Metaxian
INVITED    [Abstract]

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