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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 V71A CC 711 Complex Processes of Metal Enrichment in Ore-Forming Systems I (joint with GA, MA, CG)
Presiding: J Moyen, University of Stellenbosch; J J Hanley, Saint Mary's University
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0800 V71A-01 CC 711 Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Magma Evolution in Cooling Dykes and Sills with the Object of Understanding the Deposition of Economic Mineral Deposits Within Them
M Mbandezi, *A Rice
0815 V71A-02 CC 711 Size and Spatial Distribution of VMS Deposits Produced by Hydrothermal Systems Driven by the Convective Cooling of Sill Intrusions
*P M Carr, L M Cathles IIIC T Barrie
0830 V71A-03 CC 711 Evaluation of the Chemical Reactivity of the Fluid Phase Through Hard-Soft Acid-Base Concepts in Magmatic Intrusions with Wpplications to Ore Generation
*J Vigneresse
0845 V71A-04 CC 711 Role of Sulfur in the Formation of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Copper-Gold Deposits
*J Seo, M Guillong, C Heinrich
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 V71A-05 CC 711 Analog Experiments on Sulfide Foams in Magmatic Ore Deposits
*A M Leitch, D Dahn, K Zavala
0915 V71A-06 CC 711 The Effect of Sulfur Fugacity on Pt, Pd and Au in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
*A Bell, A Simon
INVITED    [Abstract]
0930 V71A-07 CC 711 The Effect of Initial Concentrations on R- and L-Factor Upgrading of Magmatic Sulfides
*A M Leitch, A Kerr

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