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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 V71B CC 718B Pyroclastic Currents: From Field Observations and Experiments to Modeling and Probabilistic Hazard Maps (joint with GA, MA, CG, NG, S)
Presiding: E S Calder, University at Buffalo; G Cordoba, University at Buffalo
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0800 V71B-01 CC 718B The Transport Capacity of Pyroclastic Flows: Experiments and Models of Substrate-Flow Interaction
*M Manga, J Dufek, J Wexler
0815 V71B-02 CC 718B Evaluation of Geophysical Mass Flow Models Using the 2006 Block-and-ash Flows of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
*S Charbonnier, R Gertisser
0830 V71B-03 CC 718B Using Ground-Penetrating Radar to Unravel the Dynamics and Hazards of Block-and-ash Flows at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
R Gertisser, N Cassidy, L Nuzzo, *S Charbonnier, K Preece
0845 V71B-04 CC 718B Ash Production in Eruptive Flows: Comminution in Conduits and Pyroclastic Flows
*J Dufek, M Manga, A Patel
0900 V71B-05 CC 718B Decoupling Processes in Block-and-ash Flows
*E Hanenkamp, T Davies
0915 V71B-06 CC 718B Titan2D Based Pyroclastic Flows Hazard Maps for Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador
*J V Bajo, B Martinez-Hackert, C D Escobar, R E Gutierrez
0930 V71B-07 CC 718B Towards a new approach for generating probabilistic hazard maps for pyroclastic flows during lava dome eruptions.
*E S Calder, B Pitman, R Wolpert, S Bayarri, E Spiller, J Berger
0945 V71B-08 CC 718B Combining hydraulic and granular flow extremes for density currents by depth averaging two phase flow equations.
*G A Cordoba, M Sheridan, B Pitman

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