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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 V72B CC 718B Earth's Carbon Cycles: Sources, Sinks, Pathways, and Fluxes I (joint with GA, MA, CG, A, B, H, OS, PP)
Presiding: A Shaw, WHOI; P Morrill, Memorial University of Newfoundland
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1030 V72B-01 CC 718B Diamonds from the Continental Lithosphere and the Convecting Upper Mantle: Implications for the Mantle Carbon Cycle
*S B Shirey, T Stachel
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 V72B-02 CC 718B Base of lithosphere as major CO2 reservoir
*N H Sleep
1105 V72B-03 CC 718B The History of Exosphere Carbon Storage and Consequences for Mantle-Exosphere Volatile Fluxes
*M M Hirschmann
INVITED    [Abstract]
1125 V72B-04 CC 718B Abiotic Organic Synthesis as a Path to Biosynthesis
*E Shock, P Canovas, J Dick
INVITED    [Abstract]
1145 V72B-05 CC 718B Carbon Isotopes, Carbon Cycling and the Early Evolution of Carbon Reservoirs
*G H Shaw
1200 V72B-06 CC 718B Carbon and hydrogen isotope effects in the open-system Fischer-Tropsch type reactions. Implications for abiogenic hydrocarbons in the Earth Crust
*Y Taran
1215 V72B-07 CC 718B Fluid Monitoring and Geochemical Modeling of Carbon Storage in a Depleted Gas Field, Australia
*D Kirste, E Perkins, C Boreham, B Freifeld, L Stalker, U Schacht, J Underschultz

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