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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 V73A CC 711 Complex Processes of Metal Enrichment in Ore-Forming Systems II (joint with GA, MA, CG)
Presiding: J Vigneresse, Nancy-Université; A Williams-Jones, McGill University
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1400 V73A-01 CC 711 Mass Transfer During Volatile Exsolution in Magmatic Systems: Insights from the Analyses of Silicate Melt and Magmatic Fluid Inclusions
*Z Zajacz, W E Halter, T Pettke, M Guillong
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 V73A-02 CC 711 Age, Geochemical, and Fluid Characteristics of the MAX Porphyry Mo Deposit, Southeastern British Columbia
*C J Lawley, J P Richards, R G Anderson, R A Creaser
1445 V73A-03 CC 711 Integrated Studies of the Genetic Linkages Between Jurassic Porphyry Cu-Au (Mo) and Epithermal Au-Ag deposits in the Toodoggone District of North-Central British Columbia, Canada
*S M Rowins, P Duuring, B S McKinley, J M Dickinson, L J Diakow, R A Creaser
1500 V73A-04 CC 711 Gold-rich sulfide melt inclusions in xenocrysts from a mid-crustal magma chamber, Mt. Milligan porphyry deposit, British Columbia, Canada
*J J Hanley, M Guillong
1515 V73A-05 CC 711 Hydrothermal Concentration of Zr, Y + HREE in the Lake Zone of the Thor Lake Rare Metal Deposit, Northwest Territories
*E R Sheard, M Heiligmann, A E Williams-Jones
1530 V73A-06 CC 711 Vent Complexes above Dolerite Sills in Phanerozoic LIPs: Implications for Proterozoic LIPs and IOCG Deposits
*R E Ernst, W Bleeker, H Svensen, S Planke, A G Polozov
1545 V73A-07 CC 711 The Role of Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing/Mingling in the Genesis of Karacaali Magmatic Complex (Central Anatolia, Turkey) Fe, Mo-Cu Mineralizations
*O Delibas, Y Genc, C P. De Campos

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