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2009 Joint Assembly

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 V74B CC 718B Experiments, Observations, and Models of Planetary Magmatic Evolution I (joint with GA, MA, P)
Presiding: D Walker, LDEO, Columbia University; R Tracy, Virginia Tech; S T Morse, University of Massachusetts
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1645 V74B-01 CC 718B Phosphorus Zoning in Olivine: A new Source of Information on the Early Magmatic Histories of Igneous Rocks
*E Stolper, M B Baker, J Beckett, M McCanta, A Saal
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 V74B-02 CC 718B Bubble Growth in Lunar Basalts
*Y Zhang
1715 V74B-03 CC 718B Partial Melts in the Seismic Low Velocity Zone
*M M Hirschmann
1730 V74B-04 CC 718B Lunar Magmatic Volatiles
*H Nekvasil, F M McCubbin, D H Lindsley
1745 V74B-05 CC 718B The volatile contents and D/H ratios of the Apollo 15 lunar volcanic glasses
*A E Saal, E H Hauri, J A Van Orman, M J Rutherford
1800 V74B-06 CC 718B Origin of the Lunar Magnesian Suite Cumulates
*J Longhi
INVITED    [Abstract]
1815 V74B-07 CC 718B Source Variations Along the EPR Identify Melt flow and Influence Segmentation
*V J Salters, S J Mallick, A Sachi-Kocher
INVITED    [Abstract]

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