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GAC® endorses NUNA Research Conferences or workshops of generally small size. The purpose of these conferences is to advance key geological knowledge in a topical area by gathering together small but expert groups of research workers in a suitable environment. The conferences are widely advertised, first to GAC® members, then at large. Acceptance of abstracts and registration can be limited if necessary, at the discretion of Organizers, to maintain the close setting typical of productive research gatherings. The word NUNA means "the land around us" and was proposed by Godfrey Nowlan. Any subject within the general range of GAC® interests is eligible for a research conference. Normally acceptable topics are in fields of active and flourishing research. On occasion more generalized conferences are held, on issues such as education or public policy. The topic must be capable of attracting participants of high ability and reputation. A conference is normally sanctioned in principle in response to an Outline Proposal made to the Chairman of the Program Committee, who obtains peer review, and if favourable brings it to the Executive and Council.

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