Howard Street Robinson Lecture

Phil Thurston

2010 - 2011 Howard Street Robinson Lecturer
Phil Thurston

The Howard Street Robinson Lecturer is chosen by the Mineral Deposits Division and the Precambrian Division of the GAC® in alternate years. It is funded by the Robinson Fund of the GAC® that was established in 1977, following the bequest to GAC® from the estate of Howard Street Robinson, a founding member of GAC®. The bequest was "for furtherance of scientific study of Precambrian Geology and Metal Mining."

The lecturer for 2010-2011 is Phil Thurston, as selected by the Precambrian Division of Gac.

Phil has offered three possible HS Robinson lectures, one to be selected for each speaking engagement:
    -Archean banded iron formation: its role in the development of greenstone belts,
    -The new Archean: Autochthonous development of greenstone belts with examples from the Superior and Baltic crations ,
    -A comparison of stratigraphic development of the Superior and Yilgarn cratons.
Each lecture is available in English or French.

Phil C. Thurston is an anglophone Québecois who received a BA from Rutgers University, a MA from Bryn Mawr College (both in the U.S.A.) and a PhD. from the University of Western Ontario.  He has mapped greenstone belts in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield at a variety of scales during a career with the Ontario Geological Survey.  During that time his work discovered the unique geochemistry of F III rhyolites and their association with VMS in Archean greenstones. He served as designer and headed the team of scientific editors for Geology of Ontario which applied the plate tectonic scheme to the Superior Province. Geological tourism has taken him to the Slave Province of Canada and the Archean of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Australia, Finland and Russia. He has served as editor of Geoscience Canada and is an associate editor of Precambrian Research.

In January 2001 he joined the Department of Earth Sciences at Laurentian University where he teaches Precambrian Geology and conducts a research program on the stratigraphy of greenstone belts in Ontario, Quebec and elsewhere.  His publications include a variety of OGS reports and maps, and external publications.

For the Precambrian Division of the GAC®: Timothy Corkery (timothy.corkery@gov.mb.ca)

For the Howard Street Robinson Fund: Benoît Dubé (bdube@nrcan.gc.ca)

If you are interested in having Phil Thurston come to visit your area, contact:
Lee Pigage:
GAC® Coordinator
Hutchison and H.S. Robinson Lecture Tours (2010-2011)
email lee.pigage@gov.yk.ca
Phone 867-667-8192

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