The Precambrian Division

The Precambrian Division of the Geological Association of Canada was founded in May 1976 at the GAC-MAC Annual Meeting held in Winnipeg. The avowed purpose of the division, when established, was to advance the study of Precambrian stratigraphy and to set standards for the international community on matters concerning Precambrian stratigraphy. This emphasis on stratigraphy was highlighted in the first publications that arose from the Division sponsored technical sessions, namely, Geological Survey Paper 78-10 on Proterozoic Basins in Canada and Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 28 on the Evolution of Archean supracrustal sequences. Subsequently, the role of the Division has broadened, as has the study of Precambrian geology, and the Division has sponsored field trips, field conferences and special sessions at annual meetings leading to a variety of publications.

The Division, in even-numbered years, selects the H.R. Street Robinson Fund lecturer who tours geosciences departments across Canada lecturing on a current research topic in Precambrian geology. Lecturers in the past decade included Tony Davidson, Tom Krogh, John Percival, Gerry Ross, Guy Narbonne and Marc St-Onge. The selection of a lecturer for 2000-2001 is in progress.

The executive has taken up the reins and is ready to go to work for the membership. Our base will now be in Winnipeg with Manitoba Industry and Trade and Mines.

  Student Support Program

We have shifted to internet access through the GAC web site for our newsletter "Precambrian Times".

Precambrian Times- June 2001

Precambrian Times- June 2000

We feel that most of the membership will find the change to online Division information, and a .pdf format for the newsletter a positive step, however, we will not ignore those who don't have internet access.

Division dues are $10.00 (CDN). For more information on the Division contact the current Vice Chairman and PreCambrian Times Editor:

Tim Corkery
Manitoba Industry Trade and Mines,
Mineral Resources Division, Geological Survey,
Suite 360, 1395 Ellice Ave.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3G 3P2;
Tel: (204) 945-6556 Fax: (204) 945-1406

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