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If you prefer, you may print this form or download the text version and work on it in the program of your choice, eg. Word, Word Perfect, etc. When finished, fax or mail it to:

Geological Association of Canada, Publications Team
Department of Earth Sciences
Room ER4063, Alexander Murray Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NF   A1B 3X5   CANADA
Fax: 709-737-2532

Book Title
Editor’s name (as it will appear on your book):
One of the basic philosophies of the Geological Association of Canada is to promote Earth Sciences and disseminate scientific knowledge. Tied into that is the promotion of Earth Scientists, particularly those who are sharing their knowledge through GAC® Publications.
To help us make such promotion possible, please take a few moments to answer the following questions. Your answers will help us form the marketing plan for this book. Please complete this form, and return it, along with those of the Authors, to the Geological Association’s Publications Team.
Editor’s Office Address:
Province/State  Postal/Zip Code 
Office Telephone:
Office Fax:
Editor’s Home Address:
Province/State   Postal/Zip Code  
Home Telephone:
Home Fax:
Which of the above information may be given to the press for interview purposes?
All Information:
Only Office Information:
Only the following Information:
1. Educational and Professional Background:
Please list previous employers (including job titles) and educational institutions where you have obtained degrees (including degree and year). You may attach your CV if you prefer; please note it is to be used ONLY to determine potential marketing outlets.
2. Biography:
Please briefly describe yourself in two or three sentences, including your current position (title and school, for instance). This is to be used to introduce you to media outlets with a potential for promotion.
3. Published Works:
Have you previously contributed work to published books on a related topic? Please provide titles, dates, and publishers.
4. Electronic Promotion:
Are you in a Listserv where we should promote your book? Please provide the name of the Listserv and the email address of the moderator to be contacted.
5. Local Interest:
Are there local or campus newspapers whose editors may be interested in receiving information about your book? Does your employer support a company newsletter? Are you aware of a bookstore near you which regularly sponsors launch parties? If so, please provide their contact information.
6. Lectures and Travels:
Have you lectured at a prominent gathering recently? Are you planning to present a major lecture or participate in a lecture tour in the coming year?
7. Reviewers:
If applicable, please provide the names of prominent people you personally know that we should contact for endorsement and potential reviews. (This does not apply to people who are only known within your field.)
8. Prior Media:
Have you been interviewed on television or radio, or been quoted in a daily newspaper, in your field of specialty? If possible, please list show names, contact information, and the date of your interview, or newspaper title and date the story appeared, as applicable.
9. Prize Eligibility:
While we will make every effort to present your book to all eligible awards, there may be awards offered that are not nationally known, such as those unique to companies or universities. Please note any prize or award for which your book may be eligible and the name of the sponsoring group.
10. Photograph:
Please provide a photo of yourself which could be used for promoting your contribution to the book. Please include photographer’s name, if applicable.
11. Detailed Description:
This is VERY important: Please describe the book in 250 words or less. What do you consider most significant about the book? What contribution does it make to Earth Sciences in general and/or to its field in particular? Your statement will greatly help in writing promotional material.
12. Brief Description:
With certain promotions, we will have limited space to describe the book. What is the most succinct statement that clearly describes it?
13. Other:
Have you any other suggestions to help promote your article with the aim to selling the book?
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