With GAC® Publications, getting your book from submission to reader is easier - and faster! - than ever:

Concept Stage:

You have a great book idea, and are just embarking on the publication trail.

Development Stage:

Solidifying the details: Style of book, co-authors (if applicable), length, and book development timeline. From this point on, your Champion and the Publications Director will remain in close contact with you.

  1. Author and co-author commitment
  2. Initial marketing assessment
  3. Timeline for book development
  4. Formal proposal - Response within 4 weeks
  5. Writing/obtaining manuscripts

Finalizing Manuscript Stage:

The manuscripts are in, and you’re ready to put on the finishing touches.

Production Stage:

At this point, all the elements are submitted to GAC® Publications for production. Your manuscript(s) will be considered submitted when all previous stages have been completed, and copyright assignment/permission has been granted in writing. These dates are targets, however authors should note that delays in responding to queries and page proofing will impact the schedule.

Sample date:

Receipt of manuscript; confirmation of material, develop timeline June 7/02
Send manuscript & images to typesetter for layout and design June 14/02
Marketing plan implementation begins June 14/02
Forward proofs to design-stage copy editor and author(s) July 15/02
Receipt of marked-up design-stage proofs July 29/02
Forward marked-up proofs to typesetter July 30/02
Forward digital copy to printer August 5/02
Receipt and approval of printer proofs August 12/02
Printed copies received at GAC® Publications August 30/02

TOTAL TIME 11 weeks

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