Geoscience Canada Reprint Series 7

Paleo Scene: A Series of Papers on Paleontology Reprinted from Geoscience Canada



Introduction. Paleontology: Ancient and Modern
Godfrey S. Nowlan

Species in Paleontology
Richard C. Fox

Physical and Biological Constraints on the Pattern of Verterbrate Evolution
Robert L.Carroll

Dual Biostratigaphy: Zones and Biofaces
Rolf Ludvigsen, Stephen R. Westrop, Brian R. Pratt, Pamela A. Tuffnell and Graham A. Young

Darwinian Evolution and Developmental Biology: A Brief Review of Current Ideas
Lars E. Fahraeus

Geochemistry of Recent Marine Invertebrates
Joan O. Morrison and Uwe Brands

Biogeochemistry of Fossil Marine Invertebrates
Uwe Brand and Joan O. Morrison

Precambrian Biostratigraphy
Hans Hofmann

Biostatistics in Paleontology
Brian Jones

Taphonomic Processes: Information Loss and Information Gain
Mark V.H. Wilson

Paleoecology: Paleoecosystems, Paleocommunities
Paul Copper

Paleobiogeography and Plate Tectonics
Paul L. Smith

Benthic Macrofossils as Paleoenvironmental Indicators in Marine Siliciclastic Facies
Ron K. Pickerill and Pat J. Brenchley

Paleopathology of Vertebrates: Insights into Lifestyle and Health in the Geological Record
Bruce M. Rothschild and DarrenTanke

Organisms and Carbonate Substrates in Marine Environments
Paul Copper

Paleozoic Biostatigraphy
Alfred C. Lenz, Jisuo Jin, Alexander D. McCracken, John Utting and Stephen R. Westrop

Sequence Stratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy: Problems of Definition and Precision in Correlation, and Their Implications for Global Eustacy
Andrew D. Miall

Footprints in the Sand of Time. Vertebrate Footprints and the Interpretation of Past Environments
William A.S. Sarjeant

Future Trends in Research on the Ancient Biosphere
Godfrey S. Nowlan

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