Geoscience Canada Reprint Series 6

Ore Deposit Models Volume II



Uses (and Abuses) of Ore Deposit Models in Mineral Exploration
C.J. Hodgson

Kimberlites and Lamproites: Primary sources of diamond
R.H. Mitchell

Rare-element Granitic Pegmatites. Part I: Anatomy and Internal Evolution of Pegmatitic Deposits
P. Černý

Rare-element Granitic Pegmatites. Part II: Regional to Global Environments and Petrogenesis
P. Černý

Net Smelter Return Models and Their Use in the Exploration, Evaluation and Exploitation of Polymetallic Deposits
R. Goldie and P. Tredger

A Model for Bonanza Gold Deposits
S.B. Romberger

Five-element (Ni-Co-As-Ag-Bi) Veins
S.A. Kissin

Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits
A.C. Brown

Skarns and Skarn Deposits
L.D. Meinert

N.N. Gow and G.P. Lozej


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