Geoscience Canada Reprint Series 3

Ore Deposit Models



Archean Lode Gold Deposits
R.G. Roberts

Disseminated Gold Deposits
S.B. Romberger

A Canadian Cordilleran Model for Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits
A. Panteleyev

Porphyry Copper Deposits
W.J. McMillan and A. Panteleyev

A Model for Granophile Mineral Deposits
D.F. Strong

Sedimentary-Type Stratiform Ore Deposits: Some Models and a New Classification
J. Morganti

Mississippi Valley-Type Lead-Zinc Deposits
G.M. Anderson and R.W. Macqueen

Genetic Considerations Relating to Some Uranium Ore Deposits
J.E. Tilsley

Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits
S. Marmont

Platinum Group Elements: Genesis and Classification
A.J. Macdonald

Magmatic Segregation Deposits of Chromite
J.M. Duke

Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits
Part 1: A Descriptive Model

J.W. Lydon
Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits

Part 2: Genetic Models
J.W. Lydon


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