Dating Methods for Quaternary Deposits


Potassium-Argon Dating in the Pleistocene
I. McDougall

Tephrochronology and Fission-Track Dating
J.A. Westgate and N.D. Naeser

Palaeomagnetic Dating Methods
R.W. Barendregt

Applications of Oxygen Isotopes to Quaternary Chronology
M.A. Wadleigh

Cosmogenic Chlorine-36 Accumulation: A method for Dating Quaternary Landforms
F.M. Phillips

Other Isotopic Methods
N.R. Catto

Thermoluminescence Dating of Sediments
G.I. Hütt and A. Raukas

Progress in Luminescence Dating Methods for Quaternary Sediments
G.W. Berger

Optically Stimulated Luminescence
N.R. Catto

Conventional Radiocarbon Dating
L.D. Arnold

Radiocarbon Dating by Atom Counting
A.E. Litherland and R.P. Beukens

Animo Acid Racemization Dating
N.W. Rutter and B. Blackwell

The Uranium Series Disequilibrium Dating Methods
B. Blackwell and H.P. Schwarcz

Electron Spin Resonance Dating
B. Blackwell

The Use of Paleosols in Dating Quaternary Deposits
L.J. Evans

Weathering Features
I.A. Brookes

Cation Ration Dating
N.R. Catto

Obsidian Hydration Analysis
N.R. Catto

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